Fruits Freeze Dried.

The type of products that has the highest production quantity is freeze dried durians because this type of products is wanted in foreign markets including tourists. The popular species is Hmon Thong. Our freeze dried durians are very tasty as compared to other similar products in the markets because we produce the products with sweet and ripen durians. As a result, the customers really want this kind of products.

Thailand is a country that has various kinds of fruits that can be harvested in all seasons. Moreover, the fruits have good tastes that are internationally well-known. Not only freeze dried durians, we also process other fruits such as mangosteen, longan, rambutan, pineapple and strawberry.


Vegetable Freeze Dried.

There are different kinds of vegetables in Thailand that are processed and then exported for cooking or industrial purposes. The vegetables are also locally consumed as they can be stored for long periods of time. The processed vegetables can be prepared by using hot water or boiling the vegetables. Most processed vegetables are backyard vegetables (e.g. parsley, leek, kale, corn and spinach) that have high prices in
some seasons.


Coffee Freeze Dried.

Instant coffee, the favorite drinks that coffee lovers drink every day, can be produced with the freeze drying technology in order to preserve the taste, smell and nutrients of the coffee by roasting and grinding coffee beans and then freeze drying the coffee made of the coffee beans. The results will be coffee flakes that can be stored and used for making coffee at any time and place.