Welcome to our website “Bangkok Freezetech International Partnership Limited”

Bangkok Freezetech International Partnership Limited is the leading producer of processed fruits and foods with the most advanced food preservation technologies such as freeze drying technology (i.e. freezing foods with the vacuum system). The freeze dried technology does not use heat and oil. As a result, the processed fruits or foods have the tastes, smells, colors and nutrients similar to fresh ones (as certified by Thailand Institute of Scientific and Technological Research or TISTR and the Faculty of Home Economics, Kasetsart University).

The factory is hired to manufacture products since we can produce freeze dried fruits such as
durian, mangosteen, apple, strawberry, jack fruit, longan, pineapple and rambutan. These products are wanted by many foreign customers such as Chinese, Taiwanese, Japanese, Korean, Middle East and other
foreign customers.

Only good quality raw materials are selected from natural sources by the experienced team, and then processed with modern machines. The qualities of all processes are controlled according to standards. Therefore, we are confident that all pieces of the processed fruits distributed in local and foreign markets have the best qualities and tastes and they are safe. This is because we think that “qualities are the most important things for sustainably satisfying our customers”.