Herb Freeze Dried.

Thailand is considered as a source of various species of herbs that can nurture people’s health and cure many diseases. Originally, the freeze drying technology was used for preserving the herbs that were used for treating patients and preparing herbal extracts or medicines. The production was on a small scale with small machines. However, the demands for the herbal products have increased. Thus, the small machines are not enough. The herbs or raw materials that are usually freeze dried are such as crocodile blood, turmeric, chlorophyll powder, and honey milk.


Meats Freeze Dried.

Meats are also valuable exported products. With the freeze drying technology, exporting meats is simplified because the weights of fresh meats can be lowered for over 60%. The freeze dried meats are also easy for storage at the normal temperature in cargo ships. Therefore, transportation costs can be significantly reduced. Meats that are usually freeze dried are such as chicken, duck and beef as well as all types of seafood such as fish, squid, oyster, soft shell crab and fresh crab.


Finished Foods Freeze Dried.

Foods are considered as requisites for living. In countries that have limited fresh foods with high prices, some people prefer consuming finished foods because the foods are easy to find and have low prices.
Thai foods are also considered as world famous foods. A number of foreign tourists come to Thailand and love Thai foods that have unique identities. The freeze drying technology can help people preserve the tastes of foods and carry the foods. The preparation of the freeze dried foods is very easy by opening the packages of the foods, pouring hot water into the packages, and then waiting for few minutes. Finished foods that are usually freeze dried are such as Tom Yum Kung (i.e. hot and sour soup with shrimp), Pad Thai (i.e. stir-fried rice noodle), Kang Keaw Wan (i.e. green chicken curry), Som Tum (i.e. green papaya salad), Tom Kha Kai
(i.e. chicken galangal soup), Kaeng Matsaman Kai (i.e. chicken masaman curry), Kaw Neaw Durian (i.e. durian sticky rice with coconut milk) and Kaw Neaw Ma Muang (i.e. ripen mange sticky rice with coconut milk).