Why Freeze Dried?

There are various ways to dry foods such as sun burning, baking, normal frying, vacuum frying, and spray drying foods. Different ways have different benefits and drawbacks. Nonetheless, the freeze dry technology can be considered as the best food preservation technology because it does not heat foods, but it dehydrates the foods. Hence, the shapes and nutrients of the foods are completely maintained. The processed foods can be stored for long periods of time without affecting their qualities. The benefits from this technology are listed below.

          1. The following basic and physical properties of foods can be maintained.
              1.1 Color
              1.2 Shape
              1.3 Size
              1.4 Taste
              1.5 Surface
              1.6 Nutrients

          2. The processed foods can be restored to their original conditions with water or moisture.
          3. The processed foods do not rotten because the moisture content of the foods is limited to 3%
(i.e. bacteria cannot growth).
          4. The processed foods can be stored at room temperature for at least 1 – 2 years.
          5. The weight of the processed foods is lighter than that of the fresh ones for 70 - 90%, while the food tissues can be completely preserved.
          6. The products have light weights that are appropriate for transportation and storage.
          7. Export costs are reduced because cold storage is not required and the products have light weights.
          8. This technology can effectively preserve the nutrients of foods as compared to other technologies.
          9. Almost all types of fruits, meats and finished foods can be effectively processed with
this technology.