Welcome to Website Bangkok Freezetech International Ltd.,

Bangkok Freezetech International Ltd., Part. was established on 11 February 2014. It can produce processed fruits and foods with the freeze drying technology. That is, it can produce 100 – 500 kg of products/day (i.e. 15 tons/month) with high quality machines. The moisture contents of the products can be limited to 3 – 5% of the products’ weight. It has adequate number of employees including the raw material preparation officers, quality control officers, machine maintenance officers, technicians, delivery officers, delivery vehicles with cold or dry containers, and efficient co-ordination team.

Our Number One priority is raw materials because the qualities and tastes of our products are dependent on quality, fresh and tasty raw materials. Accordingly, we select the best cultivated areas in the country. We have the team responsible for selecting tasty raw materials. We are also developing laboratories in order to test the qualities of raw materials according to our standards.

Regarding production, we use high performance machines that meet standards and can completely preserve the nutrients in the foods. We also have the sanitation system that is certified by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) of Thailand and meets industrial standards including Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) regulations and the food production standards of the Halal Standard Institute of Thailand. As a result, we can guarantee the qualities of all of our products distributed to markets.